The Texas Medical Board (TMB) cancelled the appearance of all physician licensure candidates scheduled to appear before the Board’s Licensure Committee at its February 3 and February 4th meeting due to inclement weather. The applicants have been rescheduled until the April Board meeting. This will result in the scheduling of probably 40 to 50 applicants at the April meeting.  

The Leichter Law Firm is the attorney of record for at least 5 of the doctors including one who has filed a meritorious Motion for Rehearing after a denial from the October meeting of the Texas Medical Board. This is an unfortunate event for at least one-half of the applicants many of who have qualified for a full Texas medical license in every respect,  but are waiting to challenge a contention by Texas Medical Board Staff Attorneys that they have submitted false or misleading information on their physician application. As a result they can both sign an administrative order and pay a fine which results in a permanent disciplinary action on their record, or they can challenge the agency’s initial or preliminary determination and appear in front of the Licensure Committee in support of their cause/application.  As an Agreed Order of Licensure is a permanent blemish on a doctor’s record, most physician applicants asked to appear before the TMB retain experienced Texas medical board defense attorneys to represent them through the process.

The portions of the Texas Medical Board meeting which could be conducted through phone conferencing was achieved such as the processing and ratification of disciplinary orders and the discussion and adoption of guidelines for mediations of contested cases at the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH). Unfortunately, all appearances before the Board were rescheduled which will result in even more work for the already busy Texas Medical Board members and Staff attorneys. Also rescheduled were all events which required live appearances or witnesses were rescheduled. 

The Board and Staff made the decision to cancel early on Tuesday which buy first impressions seemed premature. As the weather developed and snow, freezing temperatures and ice invaded the Austin and central Texas area it became clear that a wise decision was made –albeit to the disappointment of all of the physician applicants scheduled to appear.