Recently, the Texas State Board of Pharmacy has been engaging in a far-reaching investigatory sweep aimed at identifying unlicensed pharmacy technicians and pharmacy technician trainees. Pharmacists in the state of Texas need to be aware of these actions and any pharmacists ensnared by the Texas State Board of Pharmacy should contact an experienced professional licensing attorney immediately.

Recently, my firm has experienced an onslaught of calls from pharmacists whose pharmacies have been raided by Board investigators searching for the presence of unlicensed pharmacy technicians and pharmacy technician trainees, a violation of §§ 297 and 295.3 of Title 22 of the Texas Administrative Code. This is important as under § 295.3 of the Pharmacy Board’s Rules the pharmacist-in-charge has a standing duty to ensure the pharmacy is in compliance with all applicable laws and rules. This includes making sure that all employees are properly licensed. The usual result is a sizable administrative penalty and permanent mark on the pharmacist’s licensing record.


These violations are largely procedural: Pharmacy Technicians not paying renewal fees as required by § 297.4, or Techs are not properly applying for their temporary license, or not applying at all. Pharmacists need to be aware of the licensing status of their Technicians and Technician Trainees and should verify this on the Pharmacy Board website. 


Oftentimes, early intervention by an experienced licensing attorney can defuse the situation and placate the Texas State Board of Pharmacy. The usual result in this type of case is an administrative penalty and a permanent mark of the pharmacist’s licensing record. Under the applicable statutes and rules, however, the Board has the authority, and sometimes elects, to pursue a more serious sanction including the imposition of various encumbrances on the pharmacist’s license which make it very difficult for them to continue as an ongoing concern.


If you are being investigated for this or any other reason, I strongly advise you to immediately contact an attorney familiar with the Pharmacy Board as they are one of the most aggressive state licensing Boards in Texas.