Effective September 1, 2008, a passing grade on the Nursing Jurisprudence Exam will be required by the Texas Board of Nursing for of all applicants for initial licensure. Under the terms of a recent amendment to Board Rule § 217.17, initial licensure applicants will be tested regarding their knowledge of:

"board statutes, rules, position statements, guidelines, disciplinary sanction policies, frequently asked questions, and other resource documents accessible on the board’s web page relating to the regulation, licensure, and practice of nursing under the following categories:

  • Nursing Licensure and Regulation in Texas;
  • Nursing Ethics;
  • Nursing Practice;
  • Nursing Peer Review; and
  • Disciplinary Action.

The Exam will consist of a minimum of 50 questions and will be psychometrically validated. Note that a nurse who has passed this exam will not be required to retake it for another or similar license, unless as a specific requirement of the Nursing Board. A passing score will remain valid for application purposes for one year.